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Yesterday, Andrea and I spent a gloomy morning slouching and gossiping at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Greenbelt while indulging ourselves in coffee and chocolate.
But we didn’t expect that chocolate would make us so high and dizzy. hahahaha!
I felt like throwing up!

Our messy table! We could do this everyday, just sitting comfortably in the couch while it’s sooo glooomy outside.

Warm Chocolate Cake, the crew said that it would be served warm. But when I came up the counter to get my orders, it was as cold as my nose! Although there are signs of it being warmed up like the melted powder sugar and the chocolate inside oozed out when i sliced it.. Oh geez.

Triple Chocolate Cake! It was so chocolatey and dark but it didn’t tasted sweet enough to cause sugar rush. But I was wrong, the cakes made us so dizzy afterwards hahaha!

Even my cup of Double Cappuccino wasn’t able to prevent the chocolate rush!

It’s so relaxing hanging out in Greenbelt early in the morning, it’s just so quiet.


Original blog post Aug. 31, 2009 from crimsonshock

Met up with friends today (even with an aching tummy) and coped up with what’s going on with whom. We hanged out at our favorite hot spot, Starbucks.
Then decided to eat after Mac left hahaha! Since most of us wanted pasta, we end up dining at Gotti’s Ristorante. I haven’t tried eating here but sure willing to try it out.

Onto the foodies!
First to arrive was the Carbonara.

Carbonara with focaccia bread, this is the “for sharing” size good for 2-4 persons.

Creamy Basil Bacon with focaccia bread, just a hint of the pesto taste and chunks of bacon.

Frutti DeMare (i hope i get the name right), seafood pasta in tomato sauce.

Carbonara Chicken Fingers, one of their snack combos. Again with focaccia bread.

Carbonara Pizza Salad, another snack combo. No focaccia bread this time.

Italian Sausage Pizza with garlic, thin crust.

Gotti’s Ristorante, located at the SM Megamall, 4th Floor Atrium.

Tired but happy National Heroes Day, shared with friends and foods.

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Tonight we decided to dine out since it’s pay day! Yey!
We went to SM Megamall since it’s just near our building. Hanged out in the old Atrium Activity Center to watch Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera singed autographs and photo opted with fans.

We’re at the second floor and I’ve only used my ever trusted phone camera hehehe.

After that time to eat.
We dined at Sizzling Pepper Steak. It’s kinda cool eating here. You get to fill out the order slip by yourself. So it’s your fault if anything goes wrong. Besides the servers repeats what you’ve filled out in the order slip. So pay attention.

The order slip. Fill it out carefully up to the back.

There are signs at both ends of each table to signal the servers that you’re ready to order or you need something.

Stop means that you don’t need anything or you’re not yet ready to order.
Moo-oove means that you’re ready to order or need something.

That’s it! The server will approach your table and repeat the things that you’ve filled out in the order slip. Then you just have to wait for your foods to arrive!
Since most items in the menu are sizzling, it also means that there would be alot or smoke! I even choked! hahaha!

So they have an exhaust hood to absorb all the smoke from all that sizzle.
(Right) Condiments galore, sweet oil, chili oil and more pepper!

And the foods arrived!
The photos were taken using my phone camera. So sorry for the poor quality of photos.

We ordered Beef Pepper Steak, Pork Pepper Steak and Peppered Chicken Steak.

Sauces, Steak sauce and Teriyaki sauce.

Beef Pepper Steak for only 195(left) and Pork Pepper Steak for only 155(right)
When your steaks arrive, turn the meats quickly so they’ll cook on both sides. See, they’re still not done.

My Beef Peppered Steak very well done! yum yum!

I wish we could do this again. And hopefully with Maymay! Kawaii Cow!

Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak is located at the 4th Floor Atrium at the SM Megamall.

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I met up with my friend Roselle, who came from Dubai, yesterday in Starbucks at the Edsa Shangri-La Mall. The place was so full of people because it’s a non-working holiday. It’s Ninoy Aquino day by the way.

We walked out the mall to look for a place to eat. And we ended up at the SM Megamall Atrium. We stumbled on a friend and fellow alumni Owen who was the current supervisor of Eat & Go.
Now on to the foodie.

Gambaretti for starters. It’s gambas minus the sizzling plate. The tomato sauce was a bit spicy but not that spicy enough for me. The prawns were tender and the bell peppers still had their bite that gives the dish its tangy flavor.

Waldorf salad: lettuce, sliced apples, chickens and walnuts and of course the dressing.

Steak and Mushroom, stir fried beef slices and mushrooms in brown sauce. You could choose 2 side dishes with this one. Peppered rice or pasta and corn and carrots. The pasta was delish, it has a minty flavor, according to my sister.

Parmesan Crusted Salmon with curried rice and corns & carrots. The salmon was so good complimented by the parmesan.

Seafood Paella for me. Maybe not the best paella that I’ve tasted but nevertheless it’s good! With mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari and chorizo in long grain rice. I love the tomato chunks in it. This is good for 2-3 persons and we have to take home the rest of the dish.

Aside from these, they have Pasta and Sandwiches like Salmon Pesto (I must try this one next, I’m such a sucker for pesto!) and the classic Clubhouse.
They also have London Pies! Oh yes, London Pies! We haven’t tried it but seems promising. Comes in Juicy Steak, Salmon & Spinach, Chicken & Basil, Primavera, Ham & Cheese, Pork Barbecue, Paella, Chicken & Chorizo and Chicken & Ham. Available in single order with choice of one or two side dishes.

We were so full and it’s a miracle that we didn’t order any desserts! Anyhoo, here’s their line of sweets, Fudgy bar ala mode, Caramelized banana cake and Fruity salad.

Eat & Go is owned by Burgoo group of restaurants. It is located at the 3rd floor of the Megamall Atrium, in front of Bigbys.
Open on mall hours and they have delivery but within the Ortigas area only.
Call them at these numbers: 635 5995 or 632 9260

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After dining at Charlie’s we head on to a nearby Yogurt Bar called Onstott’s Yogurt Bar.
It’s just near the burger place so we walked. From Charlie’s head left until you reach Cafe Juanita. Then pass by that cafe until you see Zulu Grill. That’s the place! You’ll see their signage outside but you have to go inside the building to reach the yogurt bar.

By the way, we found out about Onstott’s Yogurt Bar and Charlie’s Burger from Anton Diaz of OurAwesomPlanet.
So we’ve tried the place since we’re just near the Bo.Kapitolyo, Pasig.

The yogurts here are so delish, it doesn’t tastes like yogurt at all! They serve it frozen or soft.

On our way to Onstott’s. If you’re really familiar with the streets of Bo.Kapitolyo, the yogurt bar can be easily found if you take the 3rd street beside Chinabank along United street.

Selection of flavors from vanilla bean, intense choco, passionfruit, strawberry, grapes, macadamia, mango, coffee and plain yogurt to name a few.

Flavor selection.

Intense Chocolate, really intense tastes like dark chocolate.

Passionfruit flavor. I love this one after so much food to eat it relaxes the palette.

Strawberry flavor. One of the yummy strawberry flavors that I’ve tasted.

Dave asked whose birthday it was since we have the left over cake, he found out that it was Marne’s birthday. So he whipped up something just for her. Cool!
Dave Onstott chopping walnuts for Marne’s special yogurt.

Marne picking the flavors. Very nice guy Dave is (sounding like Yoda hahaha)

Tadaaaa! Marne’s Special Yogurt. (bottom-up): plain yogurt, coffee, intense choco, chopped walnuts and cinnamon bread sticks.
The Cinnamon bread sticks was the best!  I just don’t think it goes well with the plain yogurt. But with the coffee and intense choco yogurts, the best!

Thanks Dave Onstott for a warm and cool ending of our day!

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Marne’s advance birthday blow out was held at Charlie’s Burger in Bo.Kapitolyo, Pasig.
This is the second time that we eat at this burger place, despite some negative blog reviews that we’ve read about it.
Number one, it’s near our building and lots of people go to this place especially last night. The place was jampacked.
Second, we like the food and its serving size (hehehe)

Charlie’s in Bo.Kapitolyo, Pasig, just pass Cafe Juanita.

Black Angus burger with fries (175)

Cheese Steak, AAA Batangas sirloin, hungry size (240) This is huge and it’s just the hungry size not the starving one. That’s pickled jalapeno by the way, i thought it’s pickles!

Buffalo Wings with veggie sticks and blue cheese. This is the sweet one. But they also have it in hot and nuclear (150)

Fish n Chips with fries (180)

Clam Chowder in Sour Bread Bowl (150) This yummy!

Cake from Red Ribbon.

the cake is on fire! Nah, we’re just lighting the magic candles and we didn’t make it pass to 8 candles hahaha it’s on fire!

Remains of the clam chowder hehehe

Stormed cheese steak harharhar! I had two pickled jalapeno side dish hotta!

This ain’t the last the Charlie’s peepz gonna see us hanging around.
So full!

I havne’t been blogging here at my wordpress for almost 3 months!
Been so busy with life itself and lazy enough not to blog. teehee!
I’ll just repost some things I’ve been up to for the last 3 months of my human life. And these post would come from my livejournal blog, mainly because it’s connected to my multiply and facebook accounts.
Wordpress application in facebook just wouldn’t work at all. Geez!