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 New Worlds 5: The Fifth Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention is happening on October 27, 2007, at the Glorietta Activity Center!

Step through the stargate or through the wardrobe in costume or in Muggle clothing! Bring your lightsabers and phasers, your amulets and cutlasses and wooden stakes, or even the One Ring and your chakram! Scoot over in a 1976 Chevy Impala or park your Viper nearby! Watch the Activity Center transform into a hub of science fiction and fantasy for Daleks and the Losties and heroes, where vampires and mecha converge over dice and boardgames!

New Worlds 5 is presented to you by the New Worlds Alliance. Spread the word of sci-fi and fantasy! Be a geek and be proud!


Okay so I just copied and paste the poster and the whole post of Prof Sky from our forums in Hogwarts Philippines. hehehehehe…


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Restaurant hopping I mean food tripping is a great activity to exercise your taste buds, but too much of it could cost restlessness.  And I’ve experienced it just last night when me and my team mates together with our teamlead went to the Promenade in Greenhills. Thank God it didn’t rain. First we had steaks at Tender Bob’s, that’s for starters. With it comes a large bowl of chicken and greens salad and bottom less drinks. A plate of MudPie ended our steak craving with chit chats about sort of things. 
After that, we strolled around tha Greenhills shopping center to annoy the sales ladies, hehehehe no of course, to hopefully buy some things for ourselves. Unfortunately I didn’t get myself anything hehehehe. And I saw a Wii…I really wanted to buy one!   
So, our tummies were once again craving for food.  We decided to have cakes and macaroon de paris at Bizu, and hopefully ice blended drinks.  Guilt-free, we indulged ourselves to the delectable creations from different chocolates. My tummy started to reject the chocolate samba, but no worries about that. What I did was I bought a slice of french apple pie from CBTL just nearby. After that was done, I went back to the chocolate samba and the rest of the ice blended drinks which were made out of chocolates! Talk about chocolate heaven there! 
The problem started to build on the way home. I felt restless and I couldn’t sleep. I feel I was so high with drugs, My head aches and I wanted to throw up! 
I will never eat way tooooo much chocolates in my life again! Never! "CHOCO HIGH"

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of love and religion…
this is the title of my post in a cool online community called coffespark.. i’ve been dealing with this problem for seven months now and it’s really nice to post it there and read all the comments and advices of the people in the community.  Makes me realize that by now i should be done and over with it…it gave me a whole new set of friends and a different environment aside from hogwarts philippines. We can talk about nearly everything under the sun…cool! different opinions…freedom of speech…and it’s being maintain by filipino muggles..ehem ehem! here’s the link just check it out..   http://coffeespark.com/story.php?title=of_love_and_religion

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