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           It was September 29, 2007 my very first actual participation to a Pinoy Harry Potter Event, the Deathly Hallows Book Discussion at a Different Bookstore in Serendra.  Days before the event I just re-read the book and off to the site.  It was sort of a funny thing, because most members are young (I felt old!) still studying and in their college days. 
          I got to know the members and admin in person and now I know who am I chatting with in the forums and conferences.  So, the topics were discussed one by one. Everyone had different insights about the book and some about the whole book.I remembered DadaProfAE mentioned that she felt that JKRowling is like in panic when she wrote the final installment for the epic. Well it seems like that, coz  if you’ve read the whole line up, you can feel that she barely managed to squeeze in the events on the final book. Also she mentioned that the Dark Lord’s background came in late at book 6. It kind of affected his aura as the Evil Wizard of his time. But pages are turned and the story ended with the Voldermont being defeated by who else Harry Potter! 
         Horcruxes! Aha! Prof. Malfoy gave a wonderful insight about this when Jovan mentioned the conditions of a horcrux, that the soul is dependent on the state of the container. Wherein Harry was a horcrux, of course and accidental one because Voldie’s intensions was to kill him. He said that based from what he just realized, that state of the soul being made as a horcrux also depends on what kind of container one will use. As for what Voldie did, he used objects, lifeless forms. As for Harry, he’s a horcrux but a living vessel. So, when Voldie casted Avada Kedavra again on Harry, he thought he killed him but no! the one he actually killed was his own soul. But he didn’t felt it die because he already have Harry’s blood inside him which is protected by Lily. In short, Harry is a living horcrux with two souls inside him. And probably the Dark Lord didn’t realized it as far as he know. 
         19 years later….at first I had loads of questions when I finished this last chapter of the last installment. (laaaasst huhuhuhu) But JK’s interview answered some of it and made me accept that she made the ending as it is. It’s for you to think what happened in between the battle of Hogwarts and 19 years later.  It’s a wonderful ending actually, demonstrating that after all that Harrys been through he had a simple life that he always wanted. And of course, the story started with him “the boy who lived” upto “the chosen one” so he fairly deserves the simple life that he wants. 
         Added, I personally think that JK Rowling made the ending as it is, an “Open-Ended” ending. So that everyone whose been touched by the story of Harry Potter will keep on remembering him despite that story had ended he will continue on leaving in all of us. sniff sniff….. I already miss Harry.

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