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Would you care?

It’s already been a year but still it’s funny and stupid to visit your friendster account after a break up. It seemed like everythings not right. 
Like viewing your ex’s page  and suddenly get hurt of the things he had posted there. Tsk tsk tsk!
When he’s trying to turn the story upside down when it’s really the other way around. When would he end it all up?
Oh would you care? if you were me?

Funny when things go wrong
Getting tired of waking
For all the things
I’ve loved before
I’m tired of breaking
Good things are far ahead, yeah
But my patience is breaking
Only thirteen minutes left
But is it worth waiting?

It’s blatant to feel so wrong
To get hurt by the taking
Everything that I’ve said before
I hesitate saying
I’m crawling fast ahead, yeah
The pace that I’m making
Only thirteen minutes left
But it’s not worth waiting

Would you care for me
Cause I’m tired
I’m tired of all this life
Would you care for me
Cause I feel like
I’ve been cut inside…

Damn! get it over with!


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