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Yesterday, while we’re waiting for the result of the American Idol Season 7, my colleague was very busy editing a picture. We tried to peak but she really covered it up well. Then the results came in, Syesha Mercado, Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White were in the bottom 3. Oh I wish Brooke would be booted out of the competition. 
But Kristy Lee Cook was the one who was eliminated last night! Boo-hoo! It wasn’t shock, Kristy’s always in the bottom 3 eversince and her time in “Idol” is done. So Kristy, I hope you do get your horse back.

So back to the picture. This colleague of mine, well she’s into adobe and stuff. But we don’t have adobe at work, so she used paint instead and it’s hard to edit pictures using paint.

So here it is just see for yourself! hehehe I hope Fremantle won’t sue me for this! hahaha


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I’ve never thought that Utada Hikaru originally sang this song for the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack. I’ts really beautiful! The one i’ve attached here is just a midi but when you get to hear her rendition of this song in japanese, wow! that’s all I can say. I felt myself nearly crying by just listening to the music and lyrics of the song. When toni gonzaga revived this, sorry but it sucked. Original’s still way better. Sorry toni, but it’s true. You shouldn’t have never done it. I never got the feeling I had towards Utada’s version when I listened to yours. 

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Oh well, another boring afternoon while having my lunch break.

I’ve been reading posts and replies in Coffee Spark while listening to the vocals of American Idol top 9, their performance last week.
Oh well, really boring.

Hey Carly Smithson’s performance was really good and Michael Johns as well. And of course so as David Cook!

Anyway, back to my thoughts…I’ve been thinking about my friends or should I say “my college friends”. They kind of hit me like thunder when I think of them.
At first I used to think that they would be there like forever. But of course everyone knows that there’s no forever. Except for those in love.

Alright! I keep on changing the topic.
The thing is I’ve been missing them these past days. I know they’re really busy people like me but what’s a couple of hours to spend with your friends? right? just to catch up on what’s going on with everyone’s lives and so on.
Sadly truth sucks, they usually don’t have the time to spend the night out on fridays or saturdays. Why? Because most of them are married! OMG! They’re already married at 25! Well, I’m not histerical about it or what. It’s just that I can’t be with them like before they have their priorities now and that’s their families.
Four of them are married, with kids! While I’m still single, no boyfriend!

It’s no big deal but I’m realizing it. Why? because my Aunts been asking me why I’m not yet married, that’s why. I shouldn’t be affected by it, coz even my Mom doesn’t mind if I marry at the age of 30 I’ve decided on that, it’s a matter of whether your ready for it and if someone asked you to marry him, right?

But but but, why am I feeling the way I feel now? Definitely I’m not pressured…I’m just worried that’s all.I’m 26 this year and they’re panicking about my status of not having a boyfriend at this stage. Well it’s not my fault that I lost my recent boyfriend a year ago. Things didn’t work out between the two of us. What’s a girl got to do?
To get things worse, my younger sister’s currently experiencing the so-called bliss of first love. That’s right, her very first boyfriend. And they’re acting like it would be her last! Oh for God’s sake she’s only 16! I admit I’m a bit jealous and I kind of miss my ex-boyfriend.

Oh please, I need to get over with this thought!

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At Last an official poster from Warner Bros. for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and it ‘s due in November this year. Wohooo! I’m really waiting for this one if they can capture the book that good. Coz this is one of those good books from the Harry Potter Series. It’s very interesting mainly because it talks about Voldermort’s past as a student in Hogwarts. Really fascinating. A must read and I hope a must watch for this series. 
Well I have to re-read the book in time before the movie releases this year. It’s really exciting, Harry gets to kiss Ginny!

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