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I could still hear his heart beating so fast…racing against mine.
It felt like exploding..yet so right. 
I wanted to stay there…just right there feeling the aftermath of what we’ve shared.
Then he pulled me closer towards him…kissed me with such gentleness, hunger and love.
I embraced back, feeling his sweating chest against my fingers. 
My body still feeling the sensation overflowing.

As our hearts slowly subside he asked.
“still scared?”
“a little…”
“don’t be…ok?”
Then I closed my eyes…hoping that everything will be fine.



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sunshine in the rain

More than a year ago my heart was suffering from the heartache of love, a love that was. 
I used to think that the sun would never shine on me again or that love wouldn’t find me once more. 
I’ve lived my life alone, missing that feeling of having someone by your side. 
Who would love you for who you are not for what you are. 
I thought it would never come.

It was almost a year ago when someone found me in the rain. 
Surprised my heart seemed, I backed away. 
Too afraid for something new, too scared to feel it again, too tired to get hurt again. 
I shut my doors, locked up my heart but unconsciously nurtured that growing feeling inside. 
I began to miss him, long for him. 
But I always end up keeping my defenses to protect me from whatever pain it would cost. 

Until I’ve gained all the courage I need. 
It would only take one move, one right move to know if the feeling’s still there, if it had grown deep enough to last a long time. 
Nervously I tried to look at in his eyes to find out if it’s still inside him. 
Gladness and warmth filled me up when I felt it. 
Like a child running in the rain yet feeling the sunshine beneath the clouds.
Just like a first kiss, gentle yet strong. 
And just like the wind, silent yet caring
I couldn’t believe it until it happened again.
I couldn’t believe it until I felt it. Until I looked into those eyes.

My only wish know is that I hope it’d be right this time.

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