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Ok…let me a teenager again. Just for October 24. Why?
Well High School Musical 3 Senior Year would be shown in theaters on that day. I was influenced by my sister, a 15-year-old brat (kiddin’). Honestly, I’ve watched part 1 & 2 on Disney Channel. And even if the movie’s sooooo cheesy (yan ang sabi ni che! haha) I still liked it. Just like what Zac (Efron) said on his interview for the movie’s 3rd installment;
"High School would be so cool if we could sing our way through it" (not his exact words, but similar) hahahaha

Dream on Sis! You’re too short to be one of the cast.

What’s the JoBro’s doing here?


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Weekend Sale!

One word for yesterday’s mall sale…GRABEEE!
My feet are aching until now huhuhu. People really love mall sale, especially this holiday season. It’s also a way of kinda saving a little for the gifts and the decors.

But as for us, it’s not yet the time to buy gifts. We were just there to buy the computer table for our "jurassic" desktop, blinds for the window (my mom keeps on insisting this so we bought it anyway) and of course my mom’s (again..) "sofa". Don’t ask how much those things costs. We’ll have it delivered by sunday, so it’s up to them to re-arrange the living room.  I forgot to take a picture of the sofa because there’s soooo many people surrounding it.

Anyway the base, back and arm rest are in black and kind of low compared to the usual, the cushions are in brown plus it comes with five or six huge throw pillows in zebra print. A bit psychedelic hehehehe. The computer table comes in a dark brown hue a bit close to mahogany . What I like about it is that it has a place for the speakers connected to the sides, aside from the top shelf for the printer (coming soon..) and the lower shelf for the cpu and avr and a pull-out drawer for the keys. As for the blinds, I picked the mint green one just to contrast the dark furnitures and the light walls of the house. I hope Pop would fix it today.

My brother’s planning to buy a 29-inch Sony Sparking Wega by November or I think a 21-inch Bravia by January. So which one is better? Sure, the bravia would be waaaay better but the maintenance would cost high. Unlike the Wega, its just flat screen compared to Bravia LCD. But the maintenance would be less. Plus it’s "29 inches" and an HD one for Pete’s sake! I’d love to connect the Play Station to it!

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Calling all Twilight fans. Here’s a chance to express your self or thank the Author of the Twilight Series, Stephenie Meyer. Twilight Coven Philippines is collecting atleast 108 postcards by November 2 (in line with Edward’s 108th birthday this year) for Stephenie through her publisher’s local rep.

For more details on the guidelines for the postcards and where to send it, visit Twilight Coven Philippines here:

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Ragnarok World Championship 2008

Glory, Prestige and Honor!

Yes, the time has come. The ball is now in our turf. Let’s all gather and support our online gamers in the upcoming Ragnarok World Championship Games 2008. To be held wherelse? Here in our homeland! That’s right online gamers, after years of battling it has finally landed here.

Mark your calendars for this historic event in Philippine online gaming world. On October 18 & 19 2008 at the World Trade Center, let’s cheer for the Philippine Team. Starting 7AM, put on your armours and your sturdiest horses for a 2-day event activities just for you guys!

Okay enough plugging, I used to be an online gamer that’s why I’m so excited about this. It’s not just about the tournament, there are other activities to enjoy. Here’s the list of the side events:

  • National Art Competition
  • Cosplay
  • On-the-spot drawing contest
  • LU Live ’08 filmfest
  • LU City

For more information on the event, here’s the link: http://levelupgames.ph/live2008/mevent.php

On how to get there and the passes/passport for the event: http://levelupgames.ph/live2008/multimedia.php

See you guys there! I’ll just be taking pictures of the event, especially the cosplayers! Luv’em!

Rok On!

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We’ve spent our Friday wandering in the mall to look for a gift for our “monito monita”. Something long and useful, that’s the theme. But we end up looking at Halloween costumes.   And the standees of the much awaited movie since Harry Potter…teeheee…Twilight!

Yvette tried one of the witch’s hat. Behind her are more hats, pumpkin baskets and head bands.

Jacob trying to bite Yvette’s  head off! harharhar!

Eeeeooww! I hope Edward’s hand wouldn’t be like this.

I can’t wait til Nov 21! (screams!)

My sister wanted to share this text message she received  last night:

Bella: How old are you?
Edward: Seventeen
Bella: How long have you been seventeen?

Who would thought this line could be delivered so sexy…

Edward: A while…

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Larger than life!

I found these pictures in my brother’s phone. Although they were taken by a camera phone and the resolution is not that high I still like the pictures. These were taken when…I don’t really know when (hehe). The location was at the Bonifacio High Street (just somewhere there). I know they had fun while making these.

Who wants a PSP this big? hehe Had anybody noticed it was upside down?

Or how about this flipflop? I bet Hagrid’s foot would fit in.

Look! up in the sky! it’s a bird, it’s a plane!
No it’s Maritess and the Super Friends! haha!

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A walk for a cause and the JoBro?

It was October 5, early in the morning, Avon Philippines held it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Walk for a cause at the SM Mall of Asia. I wasn’t there, because I was at a friends birthday party the night before. Ok back to the event. Hundreds of  people participated and donated, from students to celebrities. To make the story short, it was successful.

GMA7 News personalities Rhea Santos and Suzi Endrada at the event

GMA 7 News personalities, Rhea Santos and Suzi Endrada

My sister’s friend, Angelica Pate, outside the IMAX theater were the walk started.

I thought that day was all about the Breast Cancer Awareness,  but they did a bit of side show. Camp Rock Fever! My sis and her friend are JoBro, JB, Jonas Brothers (whatever) fanatics! Of course, with Disney’s upcoming tween queen, Demi Lovato. I’m not a fan of both but the movie was good! Another hit for Disney.

Ok, so who can resist a gorgeous sunset? Can’t help myself from posting this one. Sunset at the Manila Bay.


Photos were taken with a camera phone courtesy of my sister Anji. Thanks sis!

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