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Love Story (Piano) – Taylor Swift

I’ve been into Taylor Swift lately. I really like her music and her lyrics which are written by her, mostly. She uses her life experiences as basis for her songs and i turned out really good.

I found this version of her song Love Story while i was browsing my imeem account. It’s so good that I put it in my friendster page in auto play hahaha!

Now i’m looking for a copy of the piece. really nice.


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Aloha!I haven’t been blogging for the past "i-dunno-when-days". Been busy at work just staring at that blinking thing on my computer a.k.a. cursor and listening to that beeping sound that tells you the line’s busy and try again later hahahaha! It’s been a not-so-boring month for me and a crazy year as well. For the past couple of weeks since we’ve watched Twilight, I’ ve been busy for the holidays! Oh yes sir! it’s gonna be Christmas in a matter of 7 days as I blog. The malls are always full of people shopping. And with that, the traffic’s so heavy that it would take me an hour or so to get home.
I’ve also celebrated my "Nth" birthday this month! wohooooo! It was the day that Manny Pacquiao fought Oscar Dela Hoya in the ring that ended to…oh well you guys know how it ended. Go Pacman! Thank God for that day because we had zero crime rate and zero traffic! Oh di bah?! sana araw araw may laban ni Pacquiao.

Anyway, I’m so excited to get out of office and spend the holidays with my family and friends for the rest of the year. Our team would be on holiday vacation (horaay for being in apac!) starting tomorrow and would be back on January 5th hihihi. So this means that I wouldn’t be blogging for quite a while (hehehe). Before that I would try, as much as I can, to reminisce the year 2007.

I’ll start off with the sad ones, that’s made up of Berns, Ron and Toni’s resignations.

Bern’s despedida, before she left for Dubai.

Ron’s despedida, a week before his flight to Abu Dhabi.

Toni’s despedida at the Chateau.

Now for the fun part, we traveled from Baguio, to Subic and 8 Waves, and had an amazing time.

At the Mines View Park Baguio.

In our hotel room in Subic. We’ve been joking on how it looks like a hospital that’s why May, goofed around as a "white lady".

Behind us the Whale Pool at the 8 Waves, Bulacan.

Photo Opt with the team, also at the 8 Waves.

The last quarter of the year had been the "twilight addiction" for us. And here’s the proof.

The Twilight Standees at the Megamall. Everyone’s looking at me when we took this shot.

We even got the tickets for the movie way ahead of time.

Our team won the Best in Costume during the team building at the 8 Waves.
Pictuer below of our masks!

Our theme was Masquarade Ball, and it worked! May’s not in the pic.

The company’s year-end party was held at the SMX last Dec. 13. The theme was New York, so we just went their being none other than…ourselves hahaha!

Who’s that pokemon?!

It’s Jun! hahaha!

I really wanted to have this pic uploaded! So cute! Guess where’s my foot?
It’s polished with my favorite color!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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Network Badge

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