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Finally, I got my hands at the volume two of the Wicked Years by Gregory Maguire, Son of a Witch. Finding the book was kind of frustrating at first. I’ve searched Powerbooks for a copy months ago and found the trade paperback issue. I was kind of hesitant on buying it due to its size. Why? Because I bought the first volume Wicked in mass paperback issue, the pocketbook size with green edges, ang arte hahaha!


Then yesterday, I went to the said bookstore again to finally buy it, the hell with the size, i just have to read it. I went straight to the bookshelves, fiction section. And what d’yah know, it’s sold out! I’ve asked one of the customer service rep when would the deliveries arrive. He told me that they don’t have any definite day (boohoo!). Huhuhuhu I can’t wait indefinitely. 


So, head held up high I went to the nearby bookstore, the ever reliable National Bookstore (sipsip!), magbabakasakali lang and to take a look on what they have on their shelves.

And there it is! The little book with red edges, Son of a Witch! Woohoo! Just like its mother, the book has its striking cover, half the witch, half the son and the red edges. My mom even called it cute. I find this appealing than the first edition, it’s simple yet catchy. 

I was so excited to get home and read it. But something happened, on my way to the fx terminal just behind Megamall. I started to feel dizzy. I thought that it was just a simple dizziness and would easily fade. But No! It got worse, up to the extent that my tummy turned upside down and want throw up. Thank God I reached home safe but not feeling good. I hate this feeling, hindi ako makagalaw huhuhu. Umiikot ang paligid ko. I haven’t felt like this in years. Then I remembered that I used to have Vertigo and haven’t been attacked for a long time. So I took medicine as soon as I’ve filled my stomach with food, namely choco chip cookies and hot tea. Whenever I’m being attacked by this arch nemesis of mine, I really feel soooooo helpless and pathetic.


So paano ako nagkaron ng ganitong sakit? Simple, it happened almost 4 years ago during my Ragnarok days. Ragnarok? It’s the MMORPG that hit the Philippines 5 years ago and we were one of the first players of the game. We were playing up to break of dawn and one time we played non-stop just to reach the highest level of 99. Ha! Then it happened I was so dizzy and couldn’t properly stand up. So doctor’s opinion…vertigo!


From then on, slowly, I tried to quit the addiction. And I made it. I haven’t been playing any online game for 2 years straight. I’m quite proud of that actually. I’ve just played at home with our PlayStation and PSP, more affordable than online games. Wala kasing babayarang top-up cards for the game time hehehe.


But I still have the hang over of MMORPG, that’s why my preferred video games are RPG themed. But there’s one arcade game that I love…Tekken! I started to learn the moves in Tekken 5 PS2 game. And when my brother had the Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection in the PSP, I’ve taken it a bit serious. All because of a character named Lili Rochefort, with her street fighting, ballet and poised mixed attack moves. She made her debut in this edition of the game and carried her up to Tekken 6 for arcade and I’ve seen a sneak peek of her in Tekken 6 for PS3.


I really want to say this part.

Ehem ehem.

In the International Tekken 6 Tournament held last year in Trinoma, the winner is a Filipino named Carlo Racela. He defeated teams from New Zealand and Australia using only one character, Bob. Oh Katsuhiro Harada, the designer of Tekken was present in the event.


Is Tekken 6 for PS3 been released yet?




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Peanut Butter Recall

Last night while watching 24Oras, GMA 7 News Magazine, they’ve mentioned about the Salmonella Outbreak in the US that could come from peanut butter containing products. Because of this, most peanut butter products in and from the US are being recalled. Many people have been sick, even six died and it could be because of the salmonella outbreak in several states.

While here in the Philippines, some supermarkets were asked to temporarily pull out peanut butter products that are US made for precautionary measures. Most of the products recalled were cookies and candies containing peanut butter paste, not necessarily the peanut butters in jars and bottles. This includes my beloved Famous Amos Peanut Butter Cookies huhuhuhuhu!

According to recent news, the US Food and Drug Administration are still working to track what products carries the salmonella contaminated peanut butter and paste which was made in a manufacturing plant in Georgia

More news here:

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It’s just a matter of days before the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama.
On this day, everyone with a cellphone or computer would be reporting the events as they happen, the bloggers would be blogging and every community would be talking and commenting on this historical day.

With this, www.mcclatchydc.com enumerated some media services that would deliver the news as they happen.
Here are some of the media services:
– for Twitter, follow Chicago Tribune’s live Twitter feed
– CNN.com and Facebook would be teaming up to stream footages
– Screenvision, a chain of theaters, would be showing the inauguration footages in selected cities

Whether you blog, rely on feeds or follow tweets anyone could catch up on what’s happening in the White House grounds.

Since the US economy is on recession, and with an inauguration coming up, "How much money was rolled out for this event?"
According to Yahoo! News, it is likely more than $150 million, the most expensive ever. This includes the tight security, the Secret Security services that started last Saturday until the inauguration day, and his custom Cadillac limo.

But there’s good news for taxpayers in the US, the celebration is paid for by the inaugural committee with the help of their successful fundraising that came up to at least $35 million.
For more details on this event follow this link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/ynews_pl204

So on January 20, 2009, the whole world would be watching as Barack Obama take his Oath and Responsibility as the new President of the United States of America.

And every eye would be on him as to what he would do to get the US up and running again.

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American Idol Season 8 started two days ago (PH Time). The rates were lower than its previous pilot episodes for the last seven seasons. However, the second episode made up the ratings. So goodluck for this season.

We could all remember previous Idol contestants siblings auditioning for AI. This time season 7’s Jason Castro’s sibling tried it out. His name’s Michael Castro, with pink and brown hair! This family’s got something going on, first Jason with the dreadlocks and now Michael with the pink hair!
Oh well, the judges loved him and gave him the chance to belt it out like his brother did. Let’s see how far he’ll go in this competition.

There’s also Anoop Desai, an Indian as you can see by his name. He have good vocals but the judges criticized his outfit. Who would have gone to an audition wearing long-sleeved shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops! Who the hell! Most of the auditioners wear ridiculous outfits and over the top ensemble!

Anyway, alot of controversies been lurking around since the two episodes aired. There’s Casey Carlson’s bikini shots and Katrina Darell clothing line? What?

Can’t wait for more hahaha!

For latest news on American Idol dish and miss check this websites out!


and of course


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freezin’ freakin’ cold!

Thursday, what’s happening to the world? It’s sooooo damn cold! I haven’t felt any heat since last week. Weather forecast for today said that we would be experiencing moderate to strong winds in the archipelago.

We all know that during this season the ice are melting for those countries who have them. And the Northeast Monsoon or known as "Hanging Amihan" draws the cold and dry air from them that we have now.
Check here >> http://www.philippines.hvu.nl/climate1.htm

Sobrang lamig na talaga dito. I’m wearing jackets from morning to night. Sabayan pa ng air conditioning dito sa office, I think my cold’s gonna be worse and I’m gonna get really sick. Achooo!

Even though we’re experiencing this, most Filipinos are wishing to have snow here. Some people are just out of their minds! If sobrang lamig na ng ganito palang, what more kung may snow pa? I don’t wanna freeze to death ha! And imagine if the snow starts to melt…I don’t want to think of the scenario. Freaky hahaha!

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Monday morning, May’s on sick leave. The wind’s been weird since this weekend. Even my mom got sick because of it.
And I’ve been sick since who knows when hahaha! Anyhoo, it’s a boring day. The usual work, chit chats and blog reading.
It’s been long since a nice blog from me and it’s really hard staring at the blinking thing in front of me known as "cursor".

Feeling like this always suck. Sleepy and lightheaded. So I might as well amuse myself. Enough of Taylor Swift and David Archuleta for a while.
I’m gonna tell you about something that happened on the day before new year.

Once upon a time, I’ve ignored my boyfriend for two weeks, over the holidays. That included not texting him unless he’s the first one to send a message and answering only one call out of many missed calls.


Because I was so fed up of his self pity over the subject of me shouldering all the expenses on our dates. How did that happened? Well, he quit his job three months ago without any immediate back up plan at all!
He’s been spending his time at home sleeping, doing household chores and nothing. Instead of looking for a job or processing his clearance from his previous job, he just stayed home or at his friends house.

According to him, he also wanted to spend more time with me. But no! He spent alot of time sleeping at home or with his friends. My parents been questioning me on why he didn’t even drop by, to think that our house is just on the way to his friends’ place.

At first, I dealt with it fine. I tried to talk to him about it. But he would just ignore me and change the subject. He always mention this brilliant plan of his to apply for abroad this year. Well, if he does make it abroad good for him and his family! If not, he’d just proven his ex-girlfriend sooooo right about him not getting any where because of his attitude.

But I’ve grown so tired of him that it finally hit me not to communicate at all and let him realize things. Too much drama! Too much!

He got the message but took it negatively and broke up with me. The nerve of that man!
To be honest, it didn’t hurt a bit! Maybe on the process all my feelings withered.

I was even more anxious on it’s effect on my luck than a broken heart. I asked most of my friends if it would bring me badluck. And I had a great answer out of them who told me that I deserve someone better.
It was Orsa who gave me the best answer. She said that it was good for me to start the year with a light heart by getting rid of him.

So straight forward and cruel! hahahaha!

I guess that i needed a man who could take care of himself, his family and me. Not the other way around.


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