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And I’m back…again! I haven’t been blogging since Tuesday hehehe. Long time! I’ve been updating my MSN Spaces lately and the blog space there doesn’t seem to work! All the options like Publish blog or Save as Draft are all grayed out, wonder why…*sigh

Well, i wasn’t able to post about American Idol Group 1 performance night.
But nevertheless, the top boy for group 1 was Danny Gokey, you know the one whose wife died months before his audition to idol? And he sang Hero, he sounded more like David Cook I’d tell yah. The top girl was Alexis Grace, great great blues singer. She sang Never loved the man, i love her pink highlights. And the third placer was Michael Sarver the Oil Rigger and he sang I don’t want to be, but I think Bo Bice’s version was better.

Oh well, Anyhoo group 2 was up last night on a 2hour special, it was soooo long! I was like has it ended yet? hahahaha!
Only a few stood out and that includes Adam Lambert, Nick Mitchell a.k.a. Norman Gentle, Allison Iraheta and Megan Corkey.
I wouldn’t expect anything less from Adam Lambert, I mean c’mon! He’s a theater actor he knows how to give a good show. Bias! hahahaha! As for Norman Gentle, he’d make a wonderful theater actor. He’s so funny and knows how to entertain with his comedic acts. But I agree with the judges, his stage is not the Idol stage.
While the girls, Allison Iraheta was sooooo like Kelly Clarkson. I was like watching a younger Kelly last night, do you think another style like that would win the title? By the way, she sang Alone and I think Carrie Underwood nailed that song 5 seasons ago.
And then there was Megan Corkey, she was so adorable last night with the baby dress and doll shoes and that "Corkey Twist" or dance, whatever that was. She did have very good vocals and knows how to control it. Although I wasn’t familiar with her song, it sounded so beautiful and pleasant to the ears.

I’ll just have to wait who get through to the next round and the Top 12 of the season. Hmmm…



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Wow! around 9AM today my eastern fire dragon Saiha turned into a child! woohoooo! She’s now standing as you can see. I hope she would grow into adulthood fast. Help her grow by click her or this link Saiha’s Lair

On the other side of the world Heath Ledger won the Academy Awards for Best Supportin Actor for his role as Joker in the movie Dark Knight. He’s the second actor to win an Oscar posthumously. Well his parents were the ones to receive the award. Where’s Michells Williams and Matilda? Oh well, at least he was recognized for a brilliant acting in the movie. He gave Joker’s character another light for that.

I wonder who won for best picture?

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my own dsl at long last!

And I’m on air! Finally! We have our own dsl at home. I’ve waited for almost 2 months for this thing. And just last saturday (yesterday) the linemen from PLDT arrived and installed our dsl. Yipee! We immediately had our connection but the dial tone for the phone would have to wait another 24hour to get activated. But nonetheless, it’s finally here. And here’s a speedtest of the connection.


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another attempt on writing

Nights ago I was thinking of nothing and just staring at a blank paper. Then my best friend came across my mind.
That’s how it all started. It’s not merely based on our friendship but of two individuals far different from what we had. I can’t think of any title for this one though. Any suggestions?

~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~

I’ve been sitting for a while outside a coffee shop somewhere at the fort. I looked around me and realized how beautiful the place was. I’ve been here a couple of times before but only this instance that it looked way much better. Even the people going in and out of the place don’t seem to break the tranquility.


Then my sight caught a figure of somebody approaching where I was seated.

My best friend. Tall, fair complexion and nice face features.

I haven’t seen this guy for so long and I couldn’t even believe he’s walking towards my table.


“So, what catastrophe brought you here?” he simply said smiling.


Then and there I knew nothing’s changed. We started catching up on our lives because we haven’t seen each other for almost five years.


We’ve become best friends way back our high school days when boys at school bullied me for being chubby and all. He was my shield defending me from all the names the kids at school been calling me. Until we reached college, we went to the same university but different courses. Nonetheless, we made sure that we still have time to see each other. He was there when I started to loose weight and become a woman. I missed him so much and now finally he’s here.


He was asking me about my recently ex-boyfriend when his cup of hot tea arrived. He doesn’t drink coffee but insisted on meeting up in a coffee shop.


I looked at my strawberries n’ cream frappe and took a big slurp before answering.


“Half a year.”

“How ‘bout the one before him?”

“Two years. But that’s a different case and you’d know all about it. That is if you’ve been reading my emails.” then another slurp on the frappe trying to hide my face.


“I really don’t get it.”

“Get what? Why I always end up being dumped? To think that I’m the girl.” now I’m beginning to raise my defense from my defender. Bah!


He looked at me straight in the eye. I swear my face felt so hot I tried to ignore as much as I can to look back at those gorgeous set of deep brown questioning eyes.


“What is it that you always do when you feel something’s wrong?” he asked, his stare never leaving my face.


“To be honest…nothing. But I try to find a way to get the message through. Unfortunately, they always take it the wrong way. And when they do, they get the wrong impression and never gave me a chance to explain what’s wrong.” I felt my cheeks burn and my sight started to blur preparing for the tears.

“Hey cry baby.” He was laughing. Really laughing hard that he had shown his perfect set of teeth. I missed how that laugh sounded.


“You still haven’t changed. Always the cry baby I knew. I wonder who were with you every time you cry.” he said teasing me with a choco chip cookie.


“Nobody but myself!” tears held back I grabbed the cookie from him.

"Strong girl. But still a cry baby.” he smiled.



And we laughed.


“So when’s the big day?” I asked while munching on the cookies.

“This May, on the 8th.” he answered me and stare out of the glass walls.

“She’s one lucky girl huh. I bet you’re both happy.”

“Yeah, very happy.” he’s still staring out of the wall with no happiness on his face.


“Why the sad face?” You’re supposed to be happy. Or is that the new face of excitement?” I started to giggle to make him smile.

But instead he gave me that stare, that meant something’s not right. The mood changed.


“It’s not long before were married but…”

“But what? What’s wrong?” I began to worry. I couldn’t imagine my best friend’s wedding to disaster. No, not his.


“Something old, something I thought I’ve forgotten. It came back.” he was staring at me seriously.

“Uh-oh. Not that serious right?” I was trying to contradict his mood.


“No. All along I thought I’ve forgotten her. But that day, it made me realize I had to see her again to know.”


I backed away.



to be continued…

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Well what do I have here…my dragon egg finally hatched. It took 4 days and finally it’s out in the open. It’s a female fire dragon. Since her element is fire I named her after one of Recca’s dragon and I’ve chosen the first fire dragon he had…Saiha!

Eeerr..she’s still sleeping..still on the hatchling stage hehehe.
Just visit my lair and help her grow. Simple click my dragon or click here My Lair

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Whoah! So the judges finally revealed who made it to the top 36.
Here’s the list from my ever reliable source site Rickey!

1. Anoop Desai  (Yey!)
2. Von Smith
3. Alex Wagner Trugman
4. Adam Lambert (Huh?!)
5. Taylor Vaifanua
6. Jasmine Murray (Yey!)
7. Arianna Afsar
8. Casey Carlson
9. Megan Corkrey
10. Mishabonna Henson
11. Stevie Wright
12. Joanna Pacitti
13. Kendall Beard
14. Kristen McNamara
15. Alexis Grace
16. Scott MacIntyre (Yey!)
17. Lil Rounds
18. Jesse Langseth
19. Allison Iraheta
20. Danny Gokey (super Yey!)
21. Ricky Braddy
22. Matt Giraud
23. Ju’not Joyner
24. Jorge Nunez
25. Brent Keith
26. Stephen Fowler
27. Nick Mitchell a.k.a. Norman Gentle (What?!)
28. Jackie Tohn
29. Tatiana Del Toro  (What?!)
30. Nathaniel Marshall
31. Jeanine Vailes
32. Kai Kalama
33. Anne Marie Boskovich
34. Kris Allen
35. Michael Sarver
36. Matt Breitzke

So it’s Semi Finals next week and they’re starting off with 12 contestants to perform.

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Dragon Adopters

I was browsing an online community/online techie help forums when I came across a topic anmed "adopt a dragon". I was like wow! hihihihi a dragon of my own! I clicked on the link they’ve provided and here’s what I’ve got…

It’s still an egg and I’m still thinking of what to name the dragon when it hatches.

To get your own dragon egg just follow this link www.dragonadopters.com

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