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Cute Soaps

I’ve subscribed to this mail group in yahoo called wowmailz and I’ve been receiving amazing and extraordinary mails about different places and things.

Today I got this mail on different soaps. Here are some of my favorite pictures in the email.
Leaf Soaps

Popsicle Soaps

Lego Soaps

This one’s a bit creepy….
Baby hands! hahaha

Wowmailz Group


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This day is full disaster!

We had our food delivered from KFC. So I called and placed the orders and specifically asked for an O.R> (official receipt) to be named under our company.
The operator told me that it would be delivered within 45min – 1 hour.

So we waited…

45 minutes..no sign yet.

1 hour…still no sign of it.

I called again and asked why it’s taking them so long. The operator apologized for the inconvinience. I asked from what branch it would come from. It would be just from their Pasig, Kapitolyo branch.
Wow! it’s soooo near to our building and yet it took them more than 1 hour to deliver our foods!

When the rider arrived, I checked if the items are complete.

Almost! There’s one thing missing! The O.R.! (Official Receipt) that I’ve specifically requested!
I asked the rider where’s the O.R.? He simply said "wala po eh." (there’s none)


I showed the rider the printed request at the bottom of the receipt.

It would be okay if the rider apologized. but no!
He told me, "bakit galit kayo?" (why are you mad?)

What?! (again!)

He was plain rude! When I called for the food I asked for an O.R. and I have proof. Because it was indicated in the receipt that was with the foods.!

Oh my God! My tummy aches as well as my head!

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So the bottom 3 was Scott McIntyre, Matt Giraud and Michael Sarver.

Michael Sarver is eliminated!

Not a total shocker for me. Though the real shocker was that Matt Giraud in the bottom 3! what?! He was soooo good last night.

Anyhoo, I’m gonna watch out for live performances in the show. Ruben Studdard would be back Idol stage. And Stevie Wonder would perform i think 5 songs..Go Stevie! Can’t wait to watch it at home later tonight.

Don’t worry Michael, Carrie would sing Home Sweet Home for you. And you’ve made it for the tour.


Go Anoop!

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Wow Motown!
It’s a great show tonight. Some of the contestant got really bad reviews from the judges while some got 6 words from Kara.
What’s surprising tonight was Adam Lambert’s look. He changed his hair style for the theme for the week. I know that hair wouldn’t be forever. He’d be back next week with his signature look..EMO! Go Adam! Go Anoop! (^_^)

This is Adam’s usual look.

And this is his look in tonight’s performance.

You go judge..which one you like. hihihi

As for the others, Lil’ Rounds sooo Mo with her whole look. From the hair and the dress! She’s hot like what she sang Heatwave. Go Lil’! Go Anoop!

As for Anoop, a special mention, he sang Oh Baby Baby. And baby really sang smooth. Go Anoop!

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April fools day.
This is the target for worm writers to unleash their destructive creations.
Microsoft even has a quarter million dollar bounty on the head of this worm writer. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

As they have released, microsoft users should be warned about this worm coming our virtual way on April 1st.
It’s called Conficker C, a third generation of the conficker worm.

What can this worm do?
No one knows exactly what it can do until it infects computers on April fools day. Some speculations are, It could have your computer under it’s control, steal valuable information, wipe out your hard drives or pollute your computers with malwares.

How can we detect if we’re infected?
This worm could hide it’s tracks because it uses 250 to 50,000 URLs everyday! That’s why security researchers are trying hard to engineer a cure or a solution or even find the worm writer before the deadline.

Precautionary Measures for your PC
Warnings have been released. All we could do to protect ourselves are: Patch Windows completely through Windows Update, make sure that your anti-malware and anti-viruses are up to date and are running because conficker could disable it.

News Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/128643/beware-conficker-worm-come-april-1/
Be extra vigilant about this.

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After work today, I went to SM Megamall to buy a loaf of wheat bread, some canned tuna and salad.

On my way to Wendy’s for my salad fix, I’ve noticed a familiar booth. It’s the Earth Hour!
I was like..”wow, they support earth hour! nice!”

So I had my salad for take away and hurried to where the booth was located. They sell shirts, mail bags, pouches, baseball caps, lanyards/ID lace and button pins with Earth Hour logo and WWF logo.

The Earth Hour booth at the SM Megamall

The Earth Hour booth at the SM Megamall

Baseball caps, pouches & button pins. The pouch costs 139pesos.

Baseball caps, pouches & button pins. The pouch costs 129pesos.

The shirts costs 399pesos, mail bags for 599 pesos and i forgot the price of the cap

The shirts costs 399pesos, mail bags for 599 pesos and i forgot the price of the cap

Earth Hour booth is located at the SM Megamall Bldg. A near the entrance facing EDSA. They would be there until the 30th of March ’09.

So let’s do our share. Vote Earth this 28th March ’09. Switch off our lights for an hour, from 8:30-9:30PM, and help save earth from further global warming.
Please visit their website at www.earthhour.org for more information on how you could help.


I was just wondering, would SM really turn off their lights on this night?

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On March 28, 2009, let’s take an hour of our evening. From 8:30-9:30PM let’s switch off our lights and Vote Earth.
This is in line with Eath Hour 2009 first global election between Earth and Global Warming.
So do your part. Be a part of Earth Hour.
Please tell your friends about this. It’s not too late for Earth.
For more info visit their site or click their logo below.


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