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After almost a year of being off the air, Hogwarts Philippines is back! I received notices through emails from our Head Girl and Deputy Head Mistress about this and immediately visited the link. I was over-excited, I felt my heart jump hehehe!

With a new forums just in time for the sixth movie this July, the pinoy witches and wizards have a new home.
It’ll be a busy school year for us in the catle.

Visit Hogwarts Philippines, just follow the link here.


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It’s here! It’s on Saturday, June 13-14!

Happening at the Megatrade Halls 2&3, the Philippine Toy Conference on its 8th year!
This is a very interesting gathering where you’d see toy collectors of all kinds. From animes, marvel, disney and all sorts.


This years special guests are Tim Tsui and TobyHK, two of Hong Kong’s premier figure artists.
Also, Alodia Gosiengfiao would be there with her sister Ashley, more info on this? Visit her site here.


For More info on the event activities and competition visit ToyConPH site here.
Or the poster below.


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Received this today through email from Nuffnang.
I’ve seen advertisements of this on tv, I think this is the one with Iza Calzado. This is a really nice campaign from Nestle Yogurt. Although I’m already aware of yogurts benefits for the body, I wanted other people to know about this as well. It’s not just a sweet treat or a diet aid, but it helps in keeping your body healthy and fit.
Wow! I’m sounding like an advertisement myself hehehe.

To Pledge click here
To know more about the campaign click here


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I’m sooo late for this. I found this filed last April 6, 2009 in the GryffindorGazette.

It was rumored that Jamie Campbell Bower, Twilight’s Caius, would potentially play Gellert Grindelwald???

Aro, Marcus and Caius

Aro, Marcus and Caius

As we all know Grindelwald was one of most dangerous wizards of all time before Voldemort’s Era.

I wish they have more updates on this. hehehe.
Do they already have an actor for the young Dumbledore as well?

News Source: GryffindorGazette

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Although this have been confirmed months ago, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would be split in two. The first part on 2010 and the second part on 2011. And that’s a long time to wait. Nevertheless, I’ts still exciting to wait.

But I was just wondering, at what chapter would they exactly split it? Hmmmmmm…..

The trio, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, are now filming the first half of the last movie. They’ve been spotted in the streets of London filming the escape scene after the wedding. I love Emma’s dress for this, scarlet, very grff!

They’re also spotted in Scotland for scenes at the Shell Cottage.
There are also additional cast for the last Harry Potter Movie. Like Domhnall Gleeson as Bill Weasley and Rhys Ifans who’s rumored to play Xenophilius Lovegood.

For more info on this you could check out the following sites:

You could check out other Harry Potter fansites for news and updates.

Photo source: www.gryffindorgazette.com

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About a month ago, I finished Vampire Knight Seasons 1 and 2, the anime version of the shojo manga by Matsuri Hino. Each Season has 13 night/episodes. The first season aired in Tokyo last April 2008 and the second season aired last October 2008. I just don’t know if this aired in the Philippines.
The manga is still running and now on it’s 51st Chapter to be released this June. By the way, the anime version season 2 ended on the 49th chapter of the managa and they’ve shown it quite differently.

Vampire Knight Season 1

Vampire Knight Season 1

Vampire Knight Season 2 Guilty

Vampire Knight Season 2 Guilty

Now on to the summary of the anime.
Vampire Knight is about a young girl named Yuki Cross who grew up with no memory of her childhood. The last thing that she could remember was the night when Kaname Kuran saved her from a vampire that was supposed to attack her.
Yuki was adopted by Kaien Cross, an ex-vampire hunter and Chairman of the Cross Academy. Years later, Chairman Cross brought home Zero Kiryu from a family who’ve been killed by a pure blood vampire, Shizuka Hio.
Yuki must discover what’s hidden behind her past and her true identity and her connection to the vampires.

Main Characters

yukiYuki Cross/Kuran
She’s the adopted daughter of Kaein Cross. She’s also the Guardian of the Cross Academy along with Zero Kiryu. When Rido Kuran arrived at the Academy, Yuki’s memories was unlocked and revealed that she’s a pureblood vampire and the sister and fiance of Kaname.

kanameKaname Kuran
A Pureblood Vampire and also the Night Class Leader. He protects Yuki since that night she saved her. It was revealed that Kaname is Yuki’s brother and fiance.

zeroZero Kiryu
Born from a Vampire Hunter family, but was killed by a pureblood vampire named Shizuka Hio. Later in the series it was revealed that he has a twin brother which is taboo in vampire hunter families and that Zero is a vampire due to Shizuka’s attack on him.

Based on how I described the story and the characters, it’s much more of a give away on what’s the ending.

Here are some information that I got from the anime. This is just on the authors point of view and not a general trivia.
1. Humans can be a vampire once bitten by a pureblood vampire.
2. Vampires follow certain hierarchy.
– Purebloods
– Noble Bloods
– Level D Ex-Human Vampire
– Level E Ex-Human Vampire

I just do hope that they make a 3rd season of this anime. But with just 2 chapter released after the ending, it would be a looooooong wait for the fans.

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I’ve seen this on ET a week ago..


Isn’t Jacob such a cute wolf?!

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