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Just a few weeks before the big finale, American Idol goes Rock! And just as I thought Adam Lambert did very well this week.

Here are the top 4’s song choices:
adam lambert
Adam Lambert sang Whole lotta love by Led Zeppelin. All I can say about his performance is that he’s in the zone! Way to go Adam!

allison iraheta
Allison Iraheta sang Cry Baby by Janis Joplin. I couldn’t say much but it was okay.

kris allen
Kris Allen sang Come Together. Kinda reminds me of Carly’s version which way better than Kris.

danny gokey
Danny Gokey sang Dream On by Aerosmith and it was well..makes me want to compare with Michael Johns version which was better, eventhough he got eliminated after that performance. Uh oh!

They also did duets and here’s what they performed:
Kris & Danny sang Renegade by Styx. Their vocals were like jumping up and down and they failed to harmonize. (harmonize?! hehehe)

Adam & Allison performed Slow Ride. And just like what Kara said they are the Rock God and Rock Goddess. Very very well performed.

Oh I almost forgot, Danny screamed at the end of his song. And it was…well just like what Simon said “like a Friday the 13th scream”.
To hear it for yourselves, visit Rickey’s site and well listen to it.


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Amazing Race at the 8waves

Saturday, November 15, 2008, eight teams gathered for one game event that would change the way you look at games. Hahaha Ang arte! Ok, so out of the 8 teams the games committee came up with five groups that would play in the Amazing Race at the 8waves prior to the game day. The groups were color coded as Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink. Hanep parang Bioman lang ah! hehehe I was included in the Blue team. (Go team!)
the Blue Team Planning their strategy
The Blue Team planning their strategy
In the race, there were five pitstops. In each pitstop, 3 players from each team would have to finish a task. After they have successfully completed the given task they would look for the assigned marshall per pitstop to claim the next clue and the puzzle piece.
The five teams getting ready in the starting line

The five pitstops are as follow:

1. Itlog ko hanapin mo   – this pitstop took place in the kiddie pool, the players for each team would have to look for the egg of their designated color hidden in the area. 


The Yellow Team looking for their egg

2. Takbo, tili, talon  – this one happened in the food court area. the players must use a jumping rope while running until they reach the marshall where they would turn and go back to the starting point. All three players must perfrom this in order to have the next clue and puzzle piece. 


The Pink Team in the 2nd task

3.  wetlook  – in the wave pool, all three players must make their way through the waves and reach the marshall that holds the bottle. They would fill the bottle with water upto the required line using their shirts. 

the Pink team perform the third task in the race

The Pink Team by the Wave Pool performing the 3rd task


The Blue Team filling up their bottle

4.  talong ko ikiskis mo  – this pitstop took place in the volleyball court. This task must be performed by all three players of each team. Using an eggplant tied to a string they would attempt to make the matchbox reach the end of the line and then back again. 

Kat from the Blue team in the 4th task. why so serious guys?  

Katz from the Blue Team performing the 4th task

5.  ok ka ba tiyan  – the last pitstop happened beside the safari pool. In this task, there were 3 shot glasses that contains raw eggs with catsup. The assigned players for this task must empty the glasses of raw eggs by drinking.

 After the team have accomplished all tasks and gathered the puzzle pieces, they must now assemble the puzzle.  and run to the goal.

the pink team doing their puzzle
The Pink Team doing their puzzle
The Blue Team busy with their puzzle

The winners of the Amazing Race at the 8waves are:


1st place: Pink Team

Green Team

2nd Place: Green Team

Blue Team

3rd Place: Blue Team

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