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It’s here! It’s on Saturday, June 13-14!

Happening at the Megatrade Halls 2&3, the Philippine Toy Conference on its 8th year!
This is a very interesting gathering where you’d see toy collectors of all kinds. From animes, marvel, disney and all sorts.


This years special guests are Tim Tsui and TobyHK, two of Hong Kong’s premier figure artists.
Also, Alodia Gosiengfiao would be there with her sister Ashley, more info on this? Visit her site here.


For More info on the event activities and competition visit ToyConPH site here.
Or the poster below.



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About a month ago, I finished Vampire Knight Seasons 1 and 2, the anime version of the shojo manga by Matsuri Hino. Each Season has 13 night/episodes. The first season aired in Tokyo last April 2008 and the second season aired last October 2008. I just don’t know if this aired in the Philippines.
The manga is still running and now on it’s 51st Chapter to be released this June. By the way, the anime version season 2 ended on the 49th chapter of the managa and they’ve shown it quite differently.

Vampire Knight Season 1

Vampire Knight Season 1

Vampire Knight Season 2 Guilty

Vampire Knight Season 2 Guilty

Now on to the summary of the anime.
Vampire Knight is about a young girl named Yuki Cross who grew up with no memory of her childhood. The last thing that she could remember was the night when Kaname Kuran saved her from a vampire that was supposed to attack her.
Yuki was adopted by Kaien Cross, an ex-vampire hunter and Chairman of the Cross Academy. Years later, Chairman Cross brought home Zero Kiryu from a family who’ve been killed by a pure blood vampire, Shizuka Hio.
Yuki must discover what’s hidden behind her past and her true identity and her connection to the vampires.

Main Characters

yukiYuki Cross/Kuran
She’s the adopted daughter of Kaein Cross. She’s also the Guardian of the Cross Academy along with Zero Kiryu. When Rido Kuran arrived at the Academy, Yuki’s memories was unlocked and revealed that she’s a pureblood vampire and the sister and fiance of Kaname.

kanameKaname Kuran
A Pureblood Vampire and also the Night Class Leader. He protects Yuki since that night she saved her. It was revealed that Kaname is Yuki’s brother and fiance.

zeroZero Kiryu
Born from a Vampire Hunter family, but was killed by a pureblood vampire named Shizuka Hio. Later in the series it was revealed that he has a twin brother which is taboo in vampire hunter families and that Zero is a vampire due to Shizuka’s attack on him.

Based on how I described the story and the characters, it’s much more of a give away on what’s the ending.

Here are some information that I got from the anime. This is just on the authors point of view and not a general trivia.
1. Humans can be a vampire once bitten by a pureblood vampire.
2. Vampires follow certain hierarchy.
– Purebloods
– Noble Bloods
– Level D Ex-Human Vampire
– Level E Ex-Human Vampire

I just do hope that they make a 3rd season of this anime. But with just 2 chapter released after the ending, it would be a looooooong wait for the fans.

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Last month I’ve finished an anime entitled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Season 1) and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (Season 2) in as short as 2 weeks, mostly during the holy week.

I was intrigued by the plot of the anime. It’s been long since the local tv channels here aired some decent anime shows that appealed to me.
According to Wiki, the first season aired in Japan from October 2006 upto July 2007 and the second season ran from April 2008 to September 2008, just last year. I think the episode’s currently running on Cartoon Network Adult Swim in the US. While here in the Philippines, I don’t know if they’ve aired it on Animax. Sorry, our cable doesn’t have any Animax or Hero channel, it’s exclusive to other cable providers.

Anyhoo, each season has a total of 25 episodes each with a moderate to fast paced story runs. To make this easier for me, I’d tell more about the anime by parts.

First off…

The Power of Geass
code geass
It is an absolute power which is sometimes associated with the Power of the Gods. In the anime it is associated with power to command, influence emotion, perception and memory. It is represented by a red bird-shaped symbol when active. At first, it appears only in one eye and with continued use it increases power until it spreads in both eyes and becomes uncontrollable.
The geass also serves as the binding contract between the immortal and the human. The moment the geass reach its full power, the person can receive the immortal’s “Code” which leaves a mark on his body and grants him power. The “Code” makes the immortal immune to geass and make his own contracts but it doesn’t allow him to die. While the previous owner of the “Code” dies in the process of transfering the “Code”.

The Plot and Setting

The series is set in an alternate universe where there are three Empires that ruled the world. The Holy Britannian Empire, The Chinese Federation and The Euro Universe.
It was the year 2010 a.t.b. (i don’t know what a.t.b. stands for) after Japan was conquered by the Holy Britannian Empire and renamed as Area 11. In this era, Japan is the top producer of the high energy mineral called sakuradite.

In this new area gained by the empire lived the exiled prince named Lelouch Lamperouge who gave up his claim to the throne and swore to destroy his father, the Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. In the process, he meets a young lady named C.C. and acquired the power of Geass of Absolute Obedience. He then became the leader of the rebellion and hid behind a mask and called himself Zero. He got three things to accomplish: revenge for his mother’s death, to build a world where his sister Nunally can live and to fulfill the contract that goes with the geass.

The Characters
Here are the characters that you would see from start to finish of the series. And the story mainly evolves around them.

Lelouch Lamperouge / Lelouch Vi Britannia
The 17th heir to the Britannian throne. He was exiled to Area 11 after his mother’s assasination, Lady Marianne. He acquired the power of geass in an encounter between the military and Japanese rebels where he met C.C. After knowing of such power he used this control the military and lead the rebellion.

Suzaku Kururugi
The son of the late Prime Minister of Japan, Genbu Kururugi, and the chilhood friend of Lelouch. He became part of the Britannian Army and the Pilot of the Knightmare Frame Lancelot. He then gains the trust of the 3rd Britannian Princess Euphemia. He hides a secret that Lelouch would know eventually.

An immortal green-haired girl that gave the power of geass to Lelouch in exchange of a contract, which isn’t revealed until the second season. She occasionally helps Lelouch with his plans to ensure he doesn’t die.

Nunally Lamperouge / Nunally Li Britannia
Lelouch sister and heir to the Britannian Throne. She became wheelchair-bound and blind from witnessing their mother’s assasination.

Kallen Stadtfeld / Kallen Kouzuki
A half Japanese and half Britannian rebel. She acts as a weak and frail student at the Ashford Academy but is actually one of the effecient rebels. She then becomes the head of Zero’s Protection Batallion and pilots the Guren.

The Knightmare Frames

Knightmare Frames are humanoid war machines that replaced battle tanks. The knightmares are similar to the Gundams in terms of the look but they are very different in design and specifications. In the series, knightmares were introduced by the Britannian Empire and the Japanese and Chinese Federation debut their own in the middle of the series.

A couple type of knightmares are the Lancelot, which Suzaku pilots, is made by Count Lloyd, a Britannian, and it is powered by the energy mineral sakuradite.
While the Guren, which Kallen pilots, is made by Rakshata an Indian Engineer who took the side of the rebels and she’s a woman. The Guren is powered by radiation surge.

As the story progress, the knightmares evolve into different generations, upto the 8th and 9th generation. The Lancelot evolved to Lancelot Albion and the Guren to Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Both knightmares
became float systems that enabled them to fly.

Here is the list of the popular knightmares they used in the series.

Britannian Knightmares

Weapon: Lance
Pilot: Viceroy Cornelia, Guilford, Darlton

Weapon: Drill, Chaos Grenade

Lancelot Albion
Weapon: Dual Sword, VARIS(Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire), Float System
Pilot: Suzaku Kururugi

Weapon: Quad Hadron Canons, Automatic Multi Barrel
Pilot: Anya Alstreim

Japanese Knightmares

Weapon: Slash Harken, Rifle

Weapon: Light Saber

Weapon: Light Saber
Pilot: Kyoshiro Tohdoh, Four Holy Swords

Guren S.E.I.T.E.N.
Weapon: Nuclear Pulse Emiiter, Electrode Probe
Pilot: Kallen Kouzuki

Weapon: Hadron Cannon
Pilot: C.C. and Zero (weaponry)

Chinese Federation Knightmares

Shen Hu
Weapon: Electric Slash Harken, Chest-mounted particle canon
Pilot: Xing Ke

The Ending

Since the second season had ended last year, I could tell the ending.
But no, it’s so much better to watch the series for yourselves and enjoy it. Learn the hidden secrets of each characters and the twists of the story.

Here’s a clue, Lelouch did gave Nunally the world where she could live in. And C.C.’s journey continues.

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