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What is Swine Flu?
Swine Flu refers to the influenza that causes acute respiratory disease in the pig population.

But the virus that caused more than hundred of people to die in Mexico is the Swine Flu H1N1 strain. This is the combination of strains from pigs, birds and human.

Let me explain further, from the news correspondent that I usually watch every night, H1N1 strain is a sub-specie of the Influenza A virus. Which is the mutated form of the strains found in endemic pig strains, mild human flu strains and various strains from birds. H1N1 stands for H=hemagglutinin and N=neuraminidase proteins. I’ve found more about the strain here. WikiPedia

This is now an epidemic and the flu began to spread in different parts of the world. There are swine flu cases in the US, Canada, Spain and other parts of Europe. And almost all this people have a history of travelling to Mexico.

The World Health Organization have raised a pandemic alert as Mexico deaths climb up. Because of this the Mexican government have suspended classes especially in Mexico City. Last night news showed footages of the city and now it seemed like a ghost town because people were advised to stay indoors and avoid human contact as much as possible.

Here in the Philippines, the Department of Health and the NAIA Quarantine Department have taken measures to ensure that the virus won’t be able to enter the country. They set up a thermal scanner and foot baths in the arrival area of NAIA to monitor the temperature of the people coming in. The temperature is set to 36.5C, the first sign of a slight fever. If a person is detected to have this, he would be checked up to verify his temperature and see if he’s been to the countries infected with the flu. If he is positive of both conditions, he would be taken to the hospital until he gets better.

People got infected with Swine Flu from pigs. But as the flu spreads, it showed that it can be transferred by human to human interaction.

The common symptoms of the Swine Flu are high fever above 38C, aching joints, cough, nasal congestion and fatigue. If this happens to you, consult a physician immediately.

With this, we are advised not to panic but be extra careful.

Here are the things that you could do to prevent from getting infected.
– Always wash your hands
– Wear a mask
– Cover your mouth or nose with tissue when coughing or sneezing
– Do not greet someone with a kiss or handshake, prevent beso-beso with people
– Disinfect homes and offices and shared equipments such as telephones
– Do not share foods and cutleries

For more information on the outbreak, refer to your local news and stand by for alerts on the strain.

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