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Received this today through email from Nuffnang.
I’ve seen advertisements of this on tv, I think this is the one with Iza Calzado. This is a really nice campaign from Nestle Yogurt. Although I’m already aware of yogurts benefits for the body, I wanted other people to know about this as well. It’s not just a sweet treat or a diet aid, but it helps in keeping your body healthy and fit.
Wow! I’m sounding like an advertisement myself hehehe.

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I’m sooo late for this. I found this filed last April 6, 2009 in the GryffindorGazette.

It was rumored that Jamie Campbell Bower, Twilight’s Caius, would potentially play Gellert Grindelwald???

Aro, Marcus and Caius

Aro, Marcus and Caius

As we all know Grindelwald was one of most dangerous wizards of all time before Voldemort’s Era.

I wish they have more updates on this. hehehe.
Do they already have an actor for the young Dumbledore as well?

News Source: GryffindorGazette

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Although this have been confirmed months ago, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would be split in two. The first part on 2010 and the second part on 2011. And that’s a long time to wait. Nevertheless, I’ts still exciting to wait.

But I was just wondering, at what chapter would they exactly split it? Hmmmmmm…..

The trio, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, are now filming the first half of the last movie. They’ve been spotted in the streets of London filming the escape scene after the wedding. I love Emma’s dress for this, scarlet, very grff!

They’re also spotted in Scotland for scenes at the Shell Cottage.
There are also additional cast for the last Harry Potter Movie. Like Domhnall Gleeson as Bill Weasley and Rhys Ifans who’s rumored to play Xenophilius Lovegood.

For more info on this you could check out the following sites:

You could check out other Harry Potter fansites for news and updates.

Photo source: www.gryffindorgazette.com

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I’ve seen this on ET a week ago..


Isn’t Jacob such a cute wolf?!

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It had been months since the great book blockade bombarded book distributors and importers, especially the book readers.
I wasn’t brave enough to blog about this. Being a bookworm myself, I was shocked with the news of DoF and Customs.

I wouldn’t dwell on the Florence Agreement that the Philippine Government signed way back August 7, 1979 and how it is now possibly being violated by the Department of Finance.
I wouldn’t put any negativity on the huge demand and importation of “twilight” that caught the attention of the Bureau of Customs.

In fact, wouldn’t one be glad to know that book importation has a high demand?
Wouldn’t it mean that the country’s getting into reading alot?
In a country where illiteracy rate is high, wouldn’t it be of concern to encourage the people to read more and educate themselves.
Wouldn’t it be of concern to put more attention to education?
Rather than implementing tax on materials that would encourage people to read more.

In a place like the Philippines, where illiteracy is high, taxes on books shouldn’t be considered. I’m not only pertaining to the “non-educational” books that they’re saying but to “educational” books as well.
This is because both categories would have taxes, 5% and 1% respectively.
Yes, Elementary and Secondary schools use textbooks that are, usually, locally published. But Colleges and Universities doesn’t use them, more or less, college students use reference books that costs thousands.
These reference books are mostly internationally published and “imported”, especially the science and technology courses.

Anyone could reason out that there’s the internet, always available for research and reference. Sure it is!
But how about for those who couldn’t afford that? Those who only rely on books in their school library?

Here’s an excerpt from Undersecretary Sales’ statement:

Customs Undersecretary Espele Sales explained the government’s position to a group of frustrated booksellers and importers in an Orwellian PowerPoint presentation, at which she reinterpreted the Florence Agreement as well as Philippine law RA 8047, providing for “the tax and duty-free importation of books or raw materials to be used in book publishing.” For lack of a comma after the word “books,” the undersecretary argued that only books “used in book publishing” (her underlining) were tax-exempt.

“What kind of book is that?” one publisher asked me afterward. “A book used in book publishing.” And she laughed ruefully.

I thought about it. Maybe I should start writing a few. Harry the Cultural and Educational Potter and His Fondness for Baskerville Type.

Likewise, with the Florence Agreement, she argued that only educational books could be considered protected by the U.N. treaty. Customs would henceforth be the arbiter of what was and wasn’t educational.

“For 50 years, everyone has misinterpreted the treaty and now you alone have interpreted it correctly?” she was asked.

“Yes,” she told the stunned booksellers.

“A book used in book publishing.”
This statement just shattered me. This means that every word written, printed and published would be included. And not just the “non-educational” books, as well as the “educational” books. Even though it’s a mere 1% tax, the point is that they are still taxing the books.

They seem so proud of the Department Order that they’ve released.
But they haven’t realized what they’ve done.
They’re taking away a very valuable thing from the citizens. Haven’t they realized that by simply implementing this book blockade, they’re increasing the illiteracy rate in this country? They are taking away the opportunity to know how to read and learn.
It’s just like taking away a story book from a child and say “don’t read.”

They are literate people, they’ve even managed to interpret the treaty and say that it’s been misunderstood because of the lack of comma, and bravo for that.

But I’m wondering why this? Why the storage of knowledge?

Do they have any answer when somebody asks…
“Have you done something to help others to learn how to read?”

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Wouldn’t it be a great honor if your country’s representative win an award from the prestigious Cannes Film Festival?
And not just any ordinary category but as the Best Director In Competition beating out premier directors like Quentin Tarantino and Ang Lee.

When the news reached half way around the world, it was greatly appreciated by people. Dante Mendoza, who is an Indipendent Film Director, is one of the Filipino film makers who are brave enough to enter such competition. Some say that Mendoza is really fond of International Film Awards, and thus his fondness of film making.
He believed in his talents and films, he believed that Filipnos can be really competitive in this industry.

Sure, Filipinos were really happy about this. Even me, who barely knew him as a director, I was proud of what he had achieved for himself and the country.
But just this morning, I’ve read from our daily newspaper that some people are dissing him, saying things about him which are really irrelevant. It was disappointing that you’d hear comments like this from your fellow Filipinos. Most of the it was pertaining to his physical looks such as he went under surgery to fix his chin so on and so forth.

I don’t know what are people’s intention by saying things like this after he won in Cannes.
The thing that immediately crossed my mind was envy. And it’s really sad to read comments like this after a fellowman had won an international award.

As for his film “Kinatay”, he said that he doesn’t want it to be screened by the MTRCB.


He doesn’t want any scenes to be chopped off and he doesn’t want it to be shown in public theaters since it’s a sensitive film. Most likely, his film would be featured in universities like in the UP Theater.
Why not, it would benifit the film students.

Source: Cannes Festival and “Our Daily Newspaper”
Photo: Reuters

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A Legendary day it was!

Two days after the Pacquiao-Hatton bout, the heat is still on!
Manny is surely loved by the crowd, especially the Filipino people.

I was on my way home during his fight and was able to watch the first round on a teevo. And I got to watch the second and final round in a coleague’s house.
Then last night I got to watch the reply at home and really witness Manny’s every punch and Ricky Hatton’s defeat. Manny’s trainors have done a very good job on training both fists. He smacked down Ricky Hatton to sleep with a right punch and his left hook! Really an amazing move. Ricky Hatton was lying on the ring floor for a couple of minutes while Team Pacquiao celebrates their victory.

I’ve also noticed that there were many hollywood celebrities in the ring side watching Hatton to fight Pacman. They’ve also said in the sports news that half of the audience in the MGM Grand Arena were Hatton supporters and Britts. Unfortunately, Ricky Hatton faced a devastating 2-round fight that could send him to his retirement.

Anyhoo, back to Manny Pacquiao, he said that his next fight would be this October or November but didn’t mentioned any specific boxer that he would fight.

For now, he would spend some time with his family on a vacation. And when Manny returns home here in the Philippines, he would go through the Swine Flu Screening. Oh yes, Manny wouldn’t be an excemption. We don’t want him to bring home the flu either right?

Best of Luck to you Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao the new Junior Welterweight Champion of the World!

Photo courtesy of AP (Associated Press) / Jae C. Hong

Photo courtesy of AP (Associated Press) / Jae C. Hong

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