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Is it really over?

The 44th Us Presidential Elections hasn’t reached its closure just yet (while I’m blogging this). But Sen. John McCain had delivered his acceptance speech for the defeat that he would be facing hours from now (would he?). Much to my expectations, Obama was able to acquire 338 Electoral Votes as of 12:53PM here in Manila, against 139 Electoral Votes to McCain.

In McCain’s speech, he expressed his desire to set aside their partisan difference and get the United States moving again. Does it include racial differences? Just my thoughts…
Also, he told his supporters that there would be disappointments tonight. Although he was defeated, he told them, teary eyed, that the failure is not theirs, but his. Very well said Senator!

On the brighter side, Sen. Barack Obama would be the First Black President in the American History, A son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas. He beat McCain in the battleground state like Florida, Ohio, Virginia and more. With his victory he have proven that they have overcome the racial barriers. He told his cheering supporters that “Change has come”.
Would he make the difference and the changes that the American People are hoping for?


Let’s wait and see. Besides, it’s not yet over…it’s just the beginning.


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