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About a month ago, I finished Vampire Knight Seasons 1 and 2, the anime version of the shojo manga by Matsuri Hino. Each Season has 13 night/episodes. The first season aired in Tokyo last April 2008 and the second season aired last October 2008. I just don’t know if this aired in the Philippines.
The manga is still running and now on it’s 51st Chapter to be released this June. By the way, the anime version season 2 ended on the 49th chapter of the managa and they’ve shown it quite differently.

Vampire Knight Season 1

Vampire Knight Season 1

Vampire Knight Season 2 Guilty

Vampire Knight Season 2 Guilty

Now on to the summary of the anime.
Vampire Knight is about a young girl named Yuki Cross who grew up with no memory of her childhood. The last thing that she could remember was the night when Kaname Kuran saved her from a vampire that was supposed to attack her.
Yuki was adopted by Kaien Cross, an ex-vampire hunter and Chairman of the Cross Academy. Years later, Chairman Cross brought home Zero Kiryu from a family who’ve been killed by a pure blood vampire, Shizuka Hio.
Yuki must discover what’s hidden behind her past and her true identity and her connection to the vampires.

Main Characters

yukiYuki Cross/Kuran
She’s the adopted daughter of Kaein Cross. She’s also the Guardian of the Cross Academy along with Zero Kiryu. When Rido Kuran arrived at the Academy, Yuki’s memories was unlocked and revealed that she’s a pureblood vampire and the sister and fiance of Kaname.

kanameKaname Kuran
A Pureblood Vampire and also the Night Class Leader. He protects Yuki since that night she saved her. It was revealed that Kaname is Yuki’s brother and fiance.

zeroZero Kiryu
Born from a Vampire Hunter family, but was killed by a pureblood vampire named Shizuka Hio. Later in the series it was revealed that he has a twin brother which is taboo in vampire hunter families and that Zero is a vampire due to Shizuka’s attack on him.

Based on how I described the story and the characters, it’s much more of a give away on what’s the ending.

Here are some information that I got from the anime. This is just on the authors point of view and not a general trivia.
1. Humans can be a vampire once bitten by a pureblood vampire.
2. Vampires follow certain hierarchy.
– Purebloods
– Noble Bloods
– Level D Ex-Human Vampire
– Level E Ex-Human Vampire

I just do hope that they make a 3rd season of this anime. But with just 2 chapter released after the ending, it would be a looooooong wait for the fans.


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America crowned a new Idol, and it’s not Adam Lambert.

Yes, it’s Kris Allen!

Alot of people were disappointed and shocked with the results, including me. This was unexpected.
All along alot of people had hoped for Adam to win because of his talent and amazing performances.

Last night after the two finalists sang No Boundaries, which I didn’t liked, Randy Jackson commented on Kris’ performance saying that, “he thinks that Kris’ voice suits the song rather than Adams”
Oh well, there you have it, a mere prediction on who should win, eventhough Simon was rooting for Adam.

Anyhoo, after the competition, both of them would have recording contracts and careers of their own. I hope both of them would do well.

adam and kris



…see yah next season!

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After an exhausting concert, David Archuleta had energy left to record a video blog about the concert and thank all those who went out there in the concert grounds, with us.

He can’t “salamat” enough to all the fans! Wow!

We love you David and we are really thankful that you came half way around the world to see us and play music. We do hope that you come back soon and perform again.

DA thanks vlog

David’s so exhausted but it didn’t took him another day to thank all those who supports him. I think this is probably around 12midnight or 1AM in the morning.

You and David Cook have a safe trip back home.

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Just had time to blog about the concert last night and take in all what had happened.

I don’t want to blog about how the way people in front of us stood on their chairs and we weren’t able to see the stage or even the David’s shadows. No, I’m not gonna blog about how they stood on their chairs when people at the back started to chant “walang tatayo”.

Instead, I’m gonna blog how amazing the concert was. From the moment David Archuleta came up on stage and started off singing Touch my Hand the crowd just went crazy!
In our case, we can’t see the stage because of the people standing on their seats, I just listened to him and glance at the monitors every now and then. It was enough for me to hear his voice. To hear that it was the same voice on TV and on the records.

Wow! I think I almost lose my voice screaming.

Here are the songs that he sang last night:
1. Touch my Hand
2. Barriers
3. A little too not over you
4. You can
5. My Hands
6. Your eyes don’t lie
7. To be with you
8. Don’t let go
9. Waiting for yesterday
10. Stand by me
11. A thousand miles
12. Angels
13. Zeo Gravity
14. Crush

He sang for 1 hour, non-stop! I just wish he sang Running hihihi. That’s one of my favorites. But he did sang Zero Gravity which is not yet released, or so I thought hahaha!
The crowd sang along with him in all of the songs that he performed! Such an amazing crowd!

People were so fast, they’ve uploaded videos on youtube about David Archuleta’s performances in the concert.

Here is the video of Zero Gravity. He was jumping and running around, he’s enjoying! And so did us!

At the end of David Cook’s performance, David Archuleta came back on stage and sang with him in the end of A Daily Anthem.
Here’s the video, I was recording this one but got a crap one. Luckily someone had a good video of this.
Got so overwhelmed when they’re both on stage. Almost cried with this one and realized that the show was about to end.

Hope both Davids had a great time here in the Philippines, because we all sure did!

Come back here whenever you can! We all be looking forward to that.

Oh by the way, check out the name of the one who uploaded the videos, he got all the songs!

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The last girl in the competition finally said goodbye.

After her brilliant performance with Adam Lambert last night, Allison Iraheta said farewell and got eliminated from the Idol competition.

allison iraheta

Now it’s an all male competition. Only two weeks left. Who would survive?

top 3

Go Adam!

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Just a few weeks before the big finale, American Idol goes Rock! And just as I thought Adam Lambert did very well this week.

Here are the top 4’s song choices:
adam lambert
Adam Lambert sang Whole lotta love by Led Zeppelin. All I can say about his performance is that he’s in the zone! Way to go Adam!

allison iraheta
Allison Iraheta sang Cry Baby by Janis Joplin. I couldn’t say much but it was okay.

kris allen
Kris Allen sang Come Together. Kinda reminds me of Carly’s version which way better than Kris.

danny gokey
Danny Gokey sang Dream On by Aerosmith and it was well..makes me want to compare with Michael Johns version which was better, eventhough he got eliminated after that performance. Uh oh!

They also did duets and here’s what they performed:
Kris & Danny sang Renegade by Styx. Their vocals were like jumping up and down and they failed to harmonize. (harmonize?! hehehe)

Adam & Allison performed Slow Ride. And just like what Kara said they are the Rock God and Rock Goddess. Very very well performed.

Oh I almost forgot, Danny screamed at the end of his song. And it was…well just like what Simon said “like a Friday the 13th scream”.
To hear it for yourselves, visit Rickey’s site and well listen to it.

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A Legendary day it was!

Two days after the Pacquiao-Hatton bout, the heat is still on!
Manny is surely loved by the crowd, especially the Filipino people.

I was on my way home during his fight and was able to watch the first round on a teevo. And I got to watch the second and final round in a coleague’s house.
Then last night I got to watch the reply at home and really witness Manny’s every punch and Ricky Hatton’s defeat. Manny’s trainors have done a very good job on training both fists. He smacked down Ricky Hatton to sleep with a right punch and his left hook! Really an amazing move. Ricky Hatton was lying on the ring floor for a couple of minutes while Team Pacquiao celebrates their victory.

I’ve also noticed that there were many hollywood celebrities in the ring side watching Hatton to fight Pacman. They’ve also said in the sports news that half of the audience in the MGM Grand Arena were Hatton supporters and Britts. Unfortunately, Ricky Hatton faced a devastating 2-round fight that could send him to his retirement.

Anyhoo, back to Manny Pacquiao, he said that his next fight would be this October or November but didn’t mentioned any specific boxer that he would fight.

For now, he would spend some time with his family on a vacation. And when Manny returns home here in the Philippines, he would go through the Swine Flu Screening. Oh yes, Manny wouldn’t be an excemption. We don’t want him to bring home the flu either right?

Best of Luck to you Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao the new Junior Welterweight Champion of the World!

Photo courtesy of AP (Associated Press) / Jae C. Hong

Photo courtesy of AP (Associated Press) / Jae C. Hong

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