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I’m sooo late for this. I found this filed last April 6, 2009 in the GryffindorGazette.

It was rumored that Jamie Campbell Bower, Twilight’s Caius, would potentially play Gellert Grindelwald???

Aro, Marcus and Caius

Aro, Marcus and Caius

As we all know Grindelwald was one of most dangerous wizards of all time before Voldemort’s Era.

I wish they have more updates on this. hehehe.
Do they already have an actor for the young Dumbledore as well?

News Source: GryffindorGazette


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I’ve seen this on ET a week ago..


Isn’t Jacob such a cute wolf?!

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Hello Twilighters!
Summit Entertainment had announced the cast for the Twilight second installment, New Moon.
This could be a bit late but I’d post it anyway.

Our favorite villains, The Volturi Coven.
Aro with the power to read minds via physical contact would be played by Michael Sheen.
Marcus with the power to identify personal relationships would be played by Christopher Heyerdahl.
Caius with no special powers landed to Jamie Campbell Bower.

Aro, Marcus and Caius

Aro, Marcus and Caius

Looks promising!

The Volturi Army
Jane with a very special power of Psychic Sadism would be portrayed by none other than Dakota Fanning.
Alec her brother with the power of sensory deprivation is played by Cameron Bright.
Demetri the tracker would be played by Chelsey Bewley.
Felix would be portrayed by Daniel Cudmore.
And Heidi with the power to create false desire would be played by Noot Sear.

Jane and Alec

Jane and Alec

The Quilete Tribe
Lead by Harry Clearwater to be portrayed by Graham Greene.
Emily would be played by Tinsel Korey.

The Wolf Pack
Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman.

By the way, all of the members of the wolf pack have Native American descents. How cool is that. Exactly the actors they want and suited for the characters.

I wonder who would be Sam Uley. 🙂

The movie is due on November this year! And is directed by Chris Weitz.
After this, they would start filming Eclipse that is “tentatively” due by June 2010.

new moon

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I’m an Alice Cullen!

I found this cute site for Twilight fans.. http://www.twilightanonymous.com  and answered a quiz where you would know which Twilight character are you. After answering the question the result came in and what’d yah know…I’m an Alice Cullen!  Yipeee! I love her and I really wanted to see the future or have a vision of it.

To know yours just click here

I'm a Alice! I found out through TwilightersAnonymous.com. Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

I’m an Alice Cullen!

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After Twilight

Last night we’ve watched Twilight at the Shang Cineplex…finally! I’ve never seen the cinema that crowded, one proof that’s it’s really one of the most talked about movie.

I’ve noticed that the people who watched were of different age; kids, teens and parents. And there were the fans, the fanatics, the twilighters or whatever you call them, those who have read the book. There was a guy that I saw inside Powerbooks and he was reading Twilight. Oh c’mon, you better speed up on that reading!
We were early for our 7:15PM screening so we ate dinner first. We stuffed ourselves with chickens, spaghetti and salad. My sis even asked for a small bucket of popcorn despite of the heavy meal we had hehehe.

So, on to the movie. It was really good for a ‘low cost movie”. With the “tight shots”, which made my head ache, it was good to see the facial reactions and expressions of the actors, that is if they we’re really good on acting with just their faces. Go figure.

Speaking of actors, they had a good selection. Starting of with Bella’s friends. Eric Yorkie, played by Justin Chon, he was really funny and he had his moments in the movie like “worms, worms!” Then there’s Mike Newton, played by Michael Welch, he did well with his line, “he looks at you like you’re something to eat.” Chief Swan was a lot funny that what I’ve expected from the book.

Off to the Cullens, my favorite family. I like Alice, played by Ashley Greene. She had that thing going on when she was seeing the ballet studio in her vision, perfect! Jasper, played by Jackson Rathbone, he seems like a mixture of ackwardness and constipation, sorry. There’s Emmett, played by Kellan Lutz, he’s really cool an opposite of Rosalie, played by Nikki Reed, who hates Bella from the start because of the accident wherein Edward saved him and the rest is history.
Don’t forget the shiny volvo owner, Edward Cullen, played by Rob Pattinson. He surely got out of his Cedric Diggory image because of this movie.

My favorite scene would be the baseball scene. It was excellently executed. The stunts were placed where they’re supposed to be and it made the scene like it was real and they were really having lots of fun. And the villains come in just when the game’s heating up, holy crap hahahaha! I love how their eyes were focused to highlight the golden eyes and the red eyes, the diffence of drinking animal blood from human blood hehehe.
I also like the chase scene, where they have to hide Bella from the tracker James. Although it seemed too fast, they’ve relayed a very good message. Vampire or not, family must protect each other, a lesson for Rosalie ha!

I think I’m gonna watch the movie a couple more times. And maybe head to the books again, to read the 3 sequels again. I have to have my snack now though, I’m really hungry here.

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Take a bite on Twilight…

Sooooobrang excited na talaga ako! Hihihi Well, all of us are. It’s still 4 hours to go before the screening time. We had the tickets last friday and yet we got the 7:15PM schedule.

Wohoooooo! can’t wait! I’m such a fan of the book and the movie that I always surf the net for the movie stills and updates! One of my favorite stills is this. (the one below) ‘Coz I really really wanted to climb a tree but unfortunately I can’t hahahaha! I wish edward would bring me up a tree with him hahahaha!


I hope the clock ticks fast. I can’t really wait ’til I’m outta here and off to the cinemas.

I was able to put this widget on my livejournal months ago, but i can’t seem to put it here. I dunno what’s the problem with it, so I just copied the pic. By the way the widget is from Stephenie Meyer’s site: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/twilight_movie.html


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Finally we’ll be watching Twilight tomorrow. We even got the tickets last friday for only Php170 each at the Shangri-La Cineplex! Whohooooo!


Eventhough there are advance screenings in several cinemas, we just couldn’t make it due to work-related stress hahaha!



I’m soooooooo excited and I just can’t hide it!


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