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David Archuleta and David Cook live in Manila. and folks we have a date! It would be on May 16, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia open grounds!
Oh-My-God! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Both Davids have their own videos inviting all filipinos to come and watch them. It’s already in youtube and here.

No info yet on the ticket prices. For more info visit David Archuleta’s Philippine Fan Site: www.archuletaphilippines.com.

I think I’m going to faint!


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Tonights elimination is a total shocker! I never expected it to happen in any way.
The bottom 3 were Allison Iraheta, Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace. Then they called Allison safe. And Michael and Alexis sang for their safety. In the end Michael’s safe and Alexis’ fate rests in the hands of the judges. But the judges! OMG! The judges didn’t safe her! She’s pretty damn good vocalist. Why didn’t they safe her?!

Alexis Grace is eliminated! NOoooo! Michael’s performance was lousy and Allison’s sooo much like Kelly Clarkson!
Oh well, this is a popularity show anyway! Piff! Atleast Anoop’s on the tour! Yey!

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Beat the summer heat!

It’s summer woohooo! But it’s soooo hot. Good thing we have our good ‘ol halo halo and other foods that comes with ice.
Just like this afternoon. My mom made mais con yelo (corn on ice).

Yummy! with lots of milk and ice! This is my mom’s bowl.

My glass of Mais con yelo!

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Calling all Anime, Manga and Cosplay fans, the time for the annual Ozine Fest has arrived.
On April 3, 4 and 5 at the SM Megatrade Hall, the gates would open at 10AM. Be the first to enter the grounds and have some freebies from Otakuzine.

This year, Ozine Fest would host the first National Cosplay Summit. What’s this? You guys know this, they would implement the rules from the World Cosplay Summit!

Here are the list of activities that they would have in the event:
-National Cosplay Competition
-Individual Cosplay Competition (first day)
-Group Cosplay Competition (second day)
-Anime Video Making
-Maid Cafe
-Photoshoot Contests
-Battle of the Bands
-Art Contest
-Anime Dance Contest
-Anime Karaoke Contest
-Cosplay Poster Making Contest
-Console Game Demos
-Food Eating Contest
-Matsuri Area (hooray!)
-Indie Manga

As for the tickets, the price would be Php100 each day. Eeer they would remove the 3-day pass this year so that everyone would be able to join the raffle. hihihi

For more info on the event visit these sites.

See you guys there!

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Saiha’s flying!

My fire dragon Saiha is now a teenager and flying!

I have to level up five more so I could adopt another egg.

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And another attack of the virus!
Why can’t I keep the colds away from me nose? huhuhuhu
It’s sooooo hard having colds while working. I always have to blow my nose and my head always aches.
I’m keeping my diet healthy and have medications when needed. But still….waaaaaaa

I’m starting to believe what they say about my health this year. I must always look after my health and forget about my love life coz it wouldn’t be good. And that’s what happened to me early this year or rather the day before new year. Now I’m having this? I’m sooooo full of it I just wish this disease to go away.

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On March 28, 2009 let’s do our part and switch off our lights.

This event is from the earth hour organization, to support the global warming awareness. 
So on March 28, 2009 from 8:30-9:30PM, let us join millions of people…please switch off your lights.
For just an hour of peace..our planet could be saved.

For more info on how you could help, just click the picture below or visit this site: Earth Hour

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