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Original blog post September 4, 2009 from crimsonshock


Yesterday, Andrea and I spent a gloomy morning slouching and gossiping at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Greenbelt while indulging ourselves in coffee and chocolate.
But we didn’t expect that chocolate would make us so high and dizzy. hahahaha!
I felt like throwing up!

Our messy table! We could do this everyday, just sitting comfortably in the couch while it’s sooo glooomy outside.

Warm Chocolate Cake, the crew said that it would be served warm. But when I came up the counter to get my orders, it was as cold as my nose! Although there are signs of it being warmed up like the melted powder sugar and the chocolate inside oozed out when i sliced it.. Oh geez.

Triple Chocolate Cake! It was so chocolatey and dark but it didn’t tasted sweet enough to cause sugar rush. But I was wrong, the cakes made us so dizzy afterwards hahaha!

Even my cup of Double Cappuccino wasn’t able to prevent the chocolate rush!

It’s so relaxing hanging out in Greenbelt early in the morning, it’s just so quiet.


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