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Original blog post Aug. 31, 2009 from crimsonshock

Met up with friends today (even with an aching tummy) and coped up with what’s going on with whom. We hanged out at our favorite hot spot, Starbucks.
Then decided to eat after Mac left hahaha! Since most of us wanted pasta, we end up dining at Gotti’s Ristorante. I haven’t tried eating here but sure willing to try it out.

Onto the foodies!
First to arrive was the Carbonara.

Carbonara with focaccia bread, this is the “for sharing” size good for 2-4 persons.

Creamy Basil Bacon with focaccia bread, just a hint of the pesto taste and chunks of bacon.

Frutti DeMare (i hope i get the name right), seafood pasta in tomato sauce.

Carbonara Chicken Fingers, one of their snack combos. Again with focaccia bread.

Carbonara Pizza Salad, another snack combo. No focaccia bread this time.

Italian Sausage Pizza with garlic, thin crust.

Gotti’s Ristorante, located at the SM Megamall, 4th Floor Atrium.

Tired but happy National Heroes Day, shared with friends and foods.


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