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Original blog entry Aug. 21, 2009 from Crimsonshock


Marne’s advance birthday blow out was held at Charlie’s Burger in Bo.Kapitolyo, Pasig.
This is the second time that we eat at this burger place, despite some negative blog reviews that we’ve read about it.
Number one, it’s near our building and lots of people go to this place especially last night. The place was jampacked.
Second, we like the food and its serving size (hehehe)

Charlie’s in Bo.Kapitolyo, Pasig, just pass Cafe Juanita.

Black Angus burger with fries (175)

Cheese Steak, AAA Batangas sirloin, hungry size (240) This is huge and it’s just the hungry size not the starving one. That’s pickled jalapeno by the way, i thought it’s pickles!

Buffalo Wings with veggie sticks and blue cheese. This is the sweet one. But they also have it in hot and nuclear (150)

Fish n Chips with fries (180)

Clam Chowder in Sour Bread Bowl (150) This yummy!

Cake from Red Ribbon.

the cake is on fire! Nah, we’re just lighting the magic candles and we didn’t make it pass to 8 candles hahaha it’s on fire!

Remains of the clam chowder hehehe

Stormed cheese steak harharhar! I had two pickled jalapeno side dish hotta!

This ain’t the last the Charlie’s peepz gonna see us hanging around.
So full!


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