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Original blog post Aug. 28, 2009 from crimsonshock


Tonight we decided to dine out since it’s pay day! Yey!
We went to SM Megamall since it’s just near our building. Hanged out in the old Atrium Activity Center to watch Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera singed autographs and photo opted with fans.

We’re at the second floor and I’ve only used my ever trusted phone camera hehehe.

After that time to eat.
We dined at Sizzling Pepper Steak. It’s kinda cool eating here. You get to fill out the order slip by yourself. So it’s your fault if anything goes wrong. Besides the servers repeats what you’ve filled out in the order slip. So pay attention.

The order slip. Fill it out carefully up to the back.

There are signs at both ends of each table to signal the servers that you’re ready to order or you need something.

Stop means that you don’t need anything or you’re not yet ready to order.
Moo-oove means that you’re ready to order or need something.

That’s it! The server will approach your table and repeat the things that you’ve filled out in the order slip. Then you just have to wait for your foods to arrive!
Since most items in the menu are sizzling, it also means that there would be alot or smoke! I even choked! hahaha!

So they have an exhaust hood to absorb all the smoke from all that sizzle.
(Right) Condiments galore, sweet oil, chili oil and more pepper!

And the foods arrived!
The photos were taken using my phone camera. So sorry for the poor quality of photos.

We ordered Beef Pepper Steak, Pork Pepper Steak and Peppered Chicken Steak.

Sauces, Steak sauce and Teriyaki sauce.

Beef Pepper Steak for only 195(left) and Pork Pepper Steak for only 155(right)
When your steaks arrive, turn the meats quickly so they’ll cook on both sides. See, they’re still not done.

My Beef Peppered Steak very well done! yum yum!

I wish we could do this again. And hopefully with Maymay! Kawaii Cow!

Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak is located at the 4th Floor Atrium at the SM Megamall.


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