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April fools day.
This is the target for worm writers to unleash their destructive creations.
Microsoft even has a quarter million dollar bounty on the head of this worm writer. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

As they have released, microsoft users should be warned about this worm coming our virtual way on April 1st.
It’s called Conficker C, a third generation of the conficker worm.

What can this worm do?
No one knows exactly what it can do until it infects computers on April fools day. Some speculations are, It could have your computer under it’s control, steal valuable information, wipe out your hard drives or pollute your computers with malwares.

How can we detect if we’re infected?
This worm could hide it’s tracks because it uses 250 to 50,000 URLs everyday! That’s why security researchers are trying hard to engineer a cure or a solution or even find the worm writer before the deadline.

Precautionary Measures for your PC
Warnings have been released. All we could do to protect ourselves are: Patch Windows completely through Windows Update, make sure that your anti-malware and anti-viruses are up to date and are running because conficker could disable it.

News Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/null/128643/beware-conficker-worm-come-april-1/
Be extra vigilant about this.


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